Fachadas y cubierta - corcho Santander

Description: Facades and roof located on the roof of a building in the center of Santander, highly exposed to the elements due to its height. The facade has areas with paint peeling and previous work and the roof needs repair and replacement of tiles.

The worst area is the one hit by winds and water. We find ourselves in the following starting situation: Facades and roofs located in the central area of ​​Santander, but very exposed to the elements (wind, water and sun) due to their great height and the lack of protection from nearby buildings. The work support needs sanitation and consolidation work in those areas where both the paint and the mortar support come off.

It is proposed to repair the most damaged areas with the application of mortar and specific silicones for the window area. Next, several coats of fixative and natural cork will be projected which, thanks to their insulating, elastic, waterproof properties and their method of application, which forms a continuous film, will cause the water to run off for the most part of the façade and, being now the façade is a continuum without cracks or pores. Lastly, cork has a very good aesthetic finish, which is why it allows the user to change not only to improve the energy efficiency of their home, but also a new change in appearance.

The technique and material used are: Projected: Use of portable scaffolding as a means of elevation and curbing to limit the area to be projected, protection of floors and walls and subsequent layer of fixative to the entire surface to be treated. 1st coat of fine projection to act as a primer, 2nd coat of 2 mm cork projection. And 3rd finishing hand. Natural cork: Waterproofing for roofs and facades, thermal insulation and acoustic corrector, sealant and adhesive, anti-damp by capillarity and anti-salt. Class 1 fireproof certification

Client´s comments
The work has been carried out wonderfully, and the result is perfect, we are very happy.
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