humidity due to condensation

Condensation to appear when a wall surface termperature is less than the dew point of the atmosphere. This process occurs when there is more than 2 ° C difference between dew point and the cold surface.

Usually it is a phenomenon that occurs in winter; seen in windows and walls with high heat transfer coefficient. This causes a deterioration in living conditions, proliferating fungal colonies as


extending on cold surfaces. These moisture due to condensation thermal bridges occur in poorly ventilated rooms and areas where the relative humidity is high (bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, etc ..). These fungi are very dangerous and can cause rhinitis, bronchial asthma, allergic asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and conjunctivitis

The fungus coincides exactly with the coldest point measured with the thermal imager

     Also affects the occupation of the building: the more people, more moisture (50/80 gr of water vapor per hour / per person.)
     Also wash and dry clothes inside housing and poor ventilation on premises.
      Butane stoves provide an amount of water to the environment in the order of 400/700 gr. / Kg. of fuel consumed.

By thermographic analysis we do, thermography reveals the exact position of the temperature throughout the area, seeing that areas are affected by thermal bridges. In turn you. You can personally verify that exactly matches the position found fungi.

We finally got through scientific methods ensure that the factor that causes the appearance of fungi is the air chamber of the facade in its cold surface (roof, exterior wall); We breathed balls to prevent Neopor EPS or rock wool in the ventilation chambers facade or cellulose Isofloc We breathed in dry or suspended ceilings partition in the affected area solving the thermal problem root or use other insulation to remove a case by case the thermal bridge caused by the presence of condesaciones, damp and mold.

. Therefore, if you have moisture problems and fungi described, to solve just follow these tips:

     Clean the mushrooms with bleach, throwing papers, tissues or contaminated furniture
     Isolate the affected areas (cameras, decks, floors) having our collaboration
     Try the moisture in your home does not exceed 50%
     If using butane heating, heating system switch
     Avoid hanging clothes inside the house or use a dryer
     ventilate regularly
     Keep air conditioning systems
     Fix leaks if any

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