Projected cork SuberTRES

SuberTRES is the trade name for a patented product that has many utilities in the construction sector and industry, the nautical and automobile extended to other fields when considering the multiple use provided by its properties, which hardly you appear together in a single product market.

Numerous laboratory tests and the different executions on terraces, roofs, walls and interior walls SuberTRES confirm that constitutes a revolution in the field of construction and industria.SuberTRES is an organic product made by mixing, in preparation and using sophisticated manufacturing cycle, several components, among which are: cork powder in various granulometries (NATURAL THERMAL INSULATION BEST), acrylic resin, vegetable fats and water. These materials are stable over time, are subjected to a bonding process that does not alter its characteristics and even some power, so the final product is very stable over time.

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