Castro Urdiales - Soportal

Description: Building located in Castro Urdiales, in very close to the sea. It is a set of two buildings with a portico at the entrance of each. One of the owners of the first floor, which lacks any aislaminto on the floor, looks like turning off the heat immediately loses the comfort temperature, so you have to keep it burning more hours with the expense involved.

We found the following situation: Housing located on the first floor, with an open porch, which occupies most of the surface of the housing. Access to the site is received directly on the blocks, with all exposed facilities. With cork insulation, weather protection and aesthetic finish is achieved.

A project was carried out with the following items:

1. Placing curb to project area limitation, protection of soils, plants and walls.

2. Screening of cork in the chosen color.

3. Cleaning.

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