High Mountain

Description: Single family home located in high mountain area exposed to freezing temperatures in winter and high in summer. The property presented in the darkest facha serious damage caused by water, which was deposited with the facade and move to solid state, that ice can erode the facade.
We are starting the following scenario: Property located in high mountain area, exposed to extreme weather, recently built but with the facade heavily damaged by extreme temperatures it supports. It is proposed to repair damaged areas but with the application of mortar. Below are screened several hands natural cork thanks to its insulating, elastic, waterproof properties and application form that forms a continuous film, cause the water run down the facade for the most part and that, being now the facade without cracks or pores not produce a continuous damage ice again. Better insulation causes the cork on the facade, keeps the house cooler in summer because high temperatures of 35 ° C is not transmitted outside to inside, and warmer in winter when the use of heating is essential to support the -20 because we keep the heat inside the house.
Finally the cork has a very good aesthetic finish, which allows the user to change not only improve the energy efficiency of your home, but a new change in appearance.
The technical and material used are: Projected: Laying scaffoldings curb to limit project area, soil protection and posterior walls and fixer coating the entire surface to be treated. 1st coat fine projection to act as primer, 2nd hand cork projection 2mm. And 3rd topcoat. Natural cork: Waterproofing for roofs and facades thermal and acoustic insulation, sealant and adhesive corrector, anti-moisture wicking and anti-saltpeter. Fireproof Certification Class 1

Technical documentation
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Client´s comments
We tested several solutions due to weather ten end we have, but we are confident that this technique with natural cork, is final.
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