Centro San Jose - Astillero

Description: buildings that make up the San Jose Center located in Shipyard. It is a set of two well preserved and with good heating buildings. From administration it has been observed that although the switch on the heating in winter covering the entire center hours, takes a long time with all that implies in heating costs, reach a comfortable temperature for the students. It is also noted that in summer the areas with more sunshine hours as the library are very hot, which can also be improved through the insulation.

We found the following situation: Building of three heights and attic. After several tastings observe that lacks any center in the thermal envelope insulation, so a solution of blowing wool on camera and placing panels on the lower deck is raised. This solution is endowed classrooms, hallways, library is an excellent insulator as rockwool, preventing heat loss through the facade and possible holes of meetings between the facade and carpentry are filling. On the other hand, under cover panels prevent heat losses that occur through the roof in winter, and the summer heat is regulated. The work must be done during the summer tions.

 A project was carried out with the following items:

 1. Placing Rockwool insulation Rockwool 004 - Rockprime by the swelling in outer chamber partition, opening holes from inside

Material: Class A1 in flame retardance, fireproof, non-hydrophilic or hygroscopic, water vapor permeable, chemically inert. Thermal conductivity 0.045 W / (m * K) lambda value

2. Poly-Pur panel for false ceiling not self-supporting composite cover a lower layer of polyester reinforced with fiberglass (FRP) insulating a core of polyurethane and a top layer of embossed centesimal aluminum or cardboard bituminous felt. Developed specifically to serve as a secondary insulation, ceiling or lining in flats. Designed with straight sides to be embedded in both ceiling and facing by specific profiles of white PVC.

3. Cleaning.

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