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Description: Building located in Santander, in a very windage area. This is a set of four buildings with a portico at the entrance of each. Owners of the first floors, having nothing below ground, they have to spend more on heating to make homes reach a comfortable temperature.

We are starting the following situation: Housing located on the first floor with an open porch, which occupies most of the surface of the housing. Access to the site is greeted with a plaster ceiling that hides the electrical and plumbing installations. Through one of the points of light, shows that there is no kind of isolation, appear only ground vaults on the first floor, with large openings that directly connect the hollow plaster ceiling to the floor owner.

A project was carried out with the following items:

1. Dismantling and removal of plaster ceiling in porch.

2. Projection of polyurethane roof porch.

3. Placement of false ceiling in porch.

4. Set vertical risers plaster porch.

5. Painted ceiling

Placement is polyurethane insulation layer by forming polyurethane rigid foam, at least 50 mm thick, 35 Kg. / M³ Minimum Density, applied directly onto the wall, on its outer face, by mechanical projection.

Technical documentation
Client´s comments
We believe that the investment was totally necessary because heating bills not stood up and in a few years we recover that investment.
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