Description: Apartment situated in the maritime area of ​​Santoña. It is an old building and the owner of the top floor wants to improve thermal insulation, as the floor is quite cold and it costs time and money to heat, being the top floor and lack any type of insulation.

We are starting the following situation: Housing a plaster ceiling beneath the roof, forming a large gap between the roof of the house and the roof. The hot air generated by the heating in the floor of the owner, and tends to rise as no type of insulation and heat transmittance of the plaster is high, resulting in that heat leaks into the space under the roof.

After accessing the roof over an existing hatch, it is found that there is no insulation, plasterboard simply anchored to the small beams of wood, and a large gap of more than 2 m on top of the roof. We proceed to blow rockwool in that space.

The placement of rock wool insulation is made by blowing on the roof of the house of our client with an average thickness of 25cm. To move through the roof employ planks supported on wood and iron, so that at no time the plaster is damaged. To end a mesh over the entire rock wool is placed mechanically anchored to wood and iron wood

Product: Class A1 in flame retardance, non-combustible, non-hydrophilic or hygroscopic, water vapor permeable, chemically inert. Thermal conductivity 0.04 W / (m * K) value lambda (density 35kg / m3).

The improvement in comfort is spectacular, the following will act on the walls and windows.

Client´s comments
The improvement in comfort is spectacular, the next thing will be to act on the walls and windows.
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