Parbayon I

Single Family Detached located at Parbayon. This is a ground floor with terrace and garden.

We are starting the following scenario: Le custa long time to reach the house comfortable temperatures despite having heated.

After making a wine from outside taking advantage of facing bricks together shows that the insulation is insufficient, the polyurethane having a couple of centimeters thick. It is appreciated that there is a gap of 7 cm in the chamber proceed to breathe with rockwool 001.

We proceed to Place Insulation Rockwool Rockwool 001 by blowing into chamber exterior facade of 0.07 m, opening gaps (between joints of facing bricks) and closed them.

We used Rockwool: fireproof properties Euroclase A1, fireproof, non-hydrophilic or hygroscopic, water vapor permeable, chemically inert. Thermal conductivity 0.04 W / (m * K) value lambda (density 45kg / m3).

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