Description: Single family home located in Hinojedo. Old hut adapted as housing. The house is on two floors with an atrium near the fireplace.

We are starting the following scenario: Inability to achieve comfortable temperatures despite having heating and fireplace. The consumption is high and as the heating is switched off temperatures drop quickly.

After a preliminary study on the wall tasting we are compueba that there is no insulation, just the drywall, the vigetillas of wood, and tile onduline. When there is a gap of 10 cm between the plasterboard and onduline proceed to breathe rockwool 004 in that space.

We proceed to the placement of insulation Rockwool Rockwool 004 by blowing into chamber ceiling thickness 0.1 m, opening holes from midpoints of cloths (40 mm in diameter and 1.50 to 2 m away) and closed thereof.

Product: Class A1 in flame retardance, non-combustible, non-hydrophilic or hygroscopic, water vapor permeable, chemically inert. Thermal conductivity 0.04 W / (m * K) lambda value (density 45kg / m3)

Client´s comments
From the outset we have noticed higher temperature in all rooms upstairs and stairwell, even without starting or fireplace or heater.
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