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Saving energy does not mean less quality of life

Cadiz City Council has called for participation in the conference of 5 March on the occasion of World Savings Day and Energy Efficiency. This is a date "occasion to reflect on the rational use we give to energy, and act accordingly." Similarly, in Cadiz itself can be achieved in the last full council approval of celebrating this date with the conduct of activities in different municipalities Cadiz, in collaboration with the Provincial Energy Agency.


Insulate buildings saves lives

An investigation reveals that the architectural solutions reduce deaths by 67% by cold

ANA MACPHERSON, Barcelona 25.01.2016 2:12 | Updated 25/01/2016 9:40

Some people die from being cold indoors. Calculations are very accurate, but the excess mortality due to coexistence with low temperatures at home between 10% and 40%. In Spain would be between 2,000 and 8,000 people dead over-beyond disease and other causes that are recorded in the statistics-cold home.

ROCKWOOL actively participates in the II Congress on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tourism Sector

The manufacturer of rockwool part in the conference on "Technologies and solutions in tourism" as sponsor


ROCKWOOL, rock wool manufacturer and supplier of systems participated in the II Congress on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the Tourism Sector (EEST) which was held at the International Convention Center of Barcelona between 10 and 12 March. The ROCKWOOL Group has not only been premium sponsor of this event, also has been active in him through Jordi Bolea, responsible for Institutional Relations and Albert ROCKWOOL Grau, director of operations ENVOLVALIA.

Conference on sustainability and energy efficiency in hotels

The F2E Foundation organizes this event aimed at helping practitioners to know rehabilitation alternatives.

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Posted: 16 Mar 2015
The need to reduce the energy bill, makes much of hotels, most with over 20 years old, the renovation of its facilities a priority arises, hence the importance of this event, aimed at helping professionals to know rehabilitation alternatives.

Energy efficiency can afford to save up 1,675 euros per year

The implementation of energy efficiency measures may allow an annual saving in the home of between 300 and 1,675 euros, according to a study of

   Specifically, in Spain most of the petroleum products consumed to produce energy are imported, which causes an energy dependence on other countries for almost 80%, well above the European average (54%) have and second only to Ireland, Portugal and Belgium.